Sommige mensen waren geïrriteerd dat Miguel zijn vriendin in gevaar leek te hebben.

Was this photo really worth the risk?

A glamorous travel blogging couple has been hurled hard for dangerously dangling from a moving train in Sri Lanka for an Instagram photo.

Influencers Raquel and Miguel, from Portugal, placed the daring shot at their 200,000 followers on the social media site – and fans call the act “irresponsible.”

Instagrammers Raquel en Miguel van het @explorerssaurus_-account zijn geslagen voor dit schot dat uit een rijdende trein bungelt.

Instagrammers Raquel and Miguel from the @ explorerssaurus_ account were beaten for this shot dangling from a moving train. Source: Instagram

The bloggers of the account @explorerssaurus_ took the controversial photo while traveling on a train through the small town of Ella.

Friend Miguel can be seen by kissing Raquel’s forehead as she leans her whole body out of the train and holds it by grabbing the rails of the car.

In another shot, Raquel is captured while she protects herself with only one hand, while the other holds Miguel while he takes the photo.

The couple claimed that the train was “super slow” and said they “respect everyone’s opinion, but it’s not risky.”

In een ander gewaagd schot kan Raquel gezien worden terwijl hij met één hand vasthoudt terwijl het paar met de trein reist in Sri Lanka.

In another risky shot, Raquel can be seen holding onto with one hand while the couple travels by train in Sri Lanka. Source: Instagram

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Despite their claim that the train was moving slowly, the photo was taken when they were traveling on a bridge, and a mistake could have resulted in the fall of Raquel in a huge canyon.

Countless fans have commented on the photo, which has collected almost 40,000 likes.

One said: “You only risk your life for a photo? Just so that you can upload it on social media? Or do you do this because it gives you ‘the rush’? How is this wise? ”

Another addition: “Two idiots who risk their lives and the lives of others just to get likes.”

In the meantime, someone struck: “This will inspire more emulators to do this. Dangerous. Irresponsible and all in the name of vanity. ”

Talloze mensen hebben de opmerkingen op hun pagina bekeken om hun gedachten over de stunt te delen.

Countless people have viewed the comments on their page to share their thoughts about the stunt. Source: Instagram

Sommige mensen waren geïrriteerd dat Miguel zijn vriendin in gevaar leek te hebben.

Some people were annoyed that Miguel seemed to have his girlfriend in danger. Source: Instagram

Some people criticized Miguel for jeopardizing his girlfriend and not the one who was completely out of the train.

However, Raquel said on Instagram: “The man [he] did not put me in danger, I am quite independent and I do what I feel comfortable with.”

The bloggers added later: “The train was hardly moving.”

Last year, a shock report was revealed showing that 250 people were tragically killed while taking daring selfies since 2011.

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Between 2011 and 2017, 259 people were accidentally killed in a variety of ways while taking selfies around the world.

The most common ways in which people die while using selfies are to drown, to be hit by traffic, or to fall.

And it is overwhelming for men, with nearly three-quarters of the victims being men (153).

Eight people were also killed by animals while posing for self-portraits and another 16 were electrocuted in the same period.

Last year a British tourist and her Australian boyfriend fell 100ft to their deaths while taking a selfie while looking out over a beach in Portugal.

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