China has a huge peak in internet users

The Chinese population is large – 1.4 billion large – and the internet user population is crawling in the same direction.

A government department, called the China Internet Network Information Center, issued a report to find out how many citizens were jumping online. The result was 802 million, and the agency estimates that 29.68 million of those people came online only recently, in the first half of this year, as Bloomberg notes.

This is the first time that China’s internet-using population has exceeded 800 million points, according to the report. For perspective, that number is larger than the internet populations of Japan, Russia and the US combined. Individually, the US has 300 million internet users, out of a population of 325 million, according to the Census Bureau of the United States.

The stat raises the percentage of internet users in China to 98 percent, with reportedly 788 million mobile internet citizens.

Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Netflix cover which citizens do not use their time on the internet. Under the so-called Great Firewall or censorship of the country, citizens are limited to locally developed apps. Apple, for example, had to remove what is considered illegal VPNs from the Chinese App Store. VPNs are a way for users to navigate through the Great Wall of censorship.

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