Een van de laatste door Brisbane geïnspireerde stukken van Campbell

Cartoonist trades in River City for Windy City


Eddie Campbell went from the River City to the Windy City. Source: News Limited

Where Eddie Campbell’s heart goes, so does he.

“My first wife was a lady from Queensland,” says the Scottish cartoonist.

“We met and married in London and one day she wanted to go home, as Queensland ladies often want to do when it gets cold.”

For example, a 30-year residency in Brisbane began raising a family until his marriage ended a few years ago.

He then maintained a long distance relationship with second-wife-to-be Audrey Niffenegger, author of Time Woman Wife, before finally making the move to her home town of Chicago.

“I had an old Labrador Retriever dog named Monty, and I lived there in Windsor to get through the last few years,” says Campbell.

As a household name in the comics world, Campbell naturally never found a career limitation in Brisbane – “Perhaps I could have been the emperor of the world?” I will never know ‘- but it meant a lot of coming and going. And it was through this journey that his dearest memories of the city were formed.

Eddie Campbell belt Chicago nu naar huis.

Eddie Campbell is now calling Chicago home. Source: Delivered

Campbell illustreert nu de Master-editie van zijn veelgeprezen From Hell met Alan Moore.

Campbell now illustrates the Master edition of his critically acclaimed From Hell with Alan Moore. Source: Delivered

“The best feeling I ever got in Brisbane was the feeling you get after arriving at the airport,” he says.

“It’s not until the taxi turns around the corner at the Toombul shopping center to Sandgate Rd. Only then do you get that warm, relieved feeling of being at home when you start passing wooden houses with palm trees in front, and whatever the humidity was when you came out of the automatic doors, now it is the quality of that warm bath that you are sinking in no time. ”

He struggles to come up with a complaint about the city, but when he does, it is common.

“I try to eat and drink something in the city at eleven in the evening,” he says.

“At that moment in Madrid all grandmothers come out of their houses to pay for tapas and a glass of tinto.”

As for his new home: “Well, it’s damn cold, let me say. You don’t hear the accents of Queensland ladies here.

“It would not have been my first choice for a place to live. I had my eye on Malaga in Spain. ”

Campbell and Niffenegger released a book earlier this year, Bizarre Romanticism.

“It reflects our relationship because we have had it in the few years since we met, but the 13 stories are all weird and fantastic little things,” he says.

“So I illustrated these short stories from her and turned half of them into full-fledged graphic stories.”

Een van de laatste door Brisbane geïnspireerde stukken van Campbell

One of the last Brisbane-inspired pieces by Campbell Source: Supplied

Campbell has just released the first of 10 parts of the “Master Edition” of From Hell, doing his most famous work with comics legend Alan Moore, about Jack the Ripper and the murders on Whitechapel.

“The thing from From Hell is that it takes place in Victorian London and I drew it in its entirety, 580 pages over a 10-year period, while I lived in steamy Brisbane,” says Campbell.

“I was only a year back in London and a little before I emigrated a second time. So now it will be completely re-edited in colors while I live in Chicago.

‘I follow the original intention, but there is a chapter in which the heads are too small for a forgotten reason, another in which the arms are too long. The reason for that one is that I had a concept of Victorian fashion in which I put the pockets too low on the coats and had to let the arms come down to meet them. ”

Campbell says that he has never paid much attention to politics so far, but the time of Trump alism has changed all that.

“Now I wake up in the middle of the night and think what the hell he is and has been and has done this time?” He says.

“The nerves are frazzled to ensure the balance of planet Earth.”

From Hell: Master Edition # 1 (of 10) (Top Shelf Productions)

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