Bikieprinsessen Rikki Louise en Allaina Vader lijken met elkaar uitgevallen te zijn.

Bikie toasted for Louis Vuitton failed

A HEAVY tattooed former president of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club who calls himself ‘notorious’, gets burned and tries a little too hard to impress his mates.

After breaking off his relationship with his fiancé earlier this year, Brett “Kaos” Pechey polished his social media pages with his latest luxury purchases.

Pechey heeft zijn nieuwste aankopen op Instagram laten zien. Afbeelding: Instagram

Pechey has shown his latest purchases on Instagram. Image: Instagram Source: delivered

De voormalige bikie pronkt met een nieuw autoticket. Afbeelding: Instagram

The former bikie shows off a new car ticket. Image: Instagram Source: delivered

His 5905 followers on Instagram have shown photos and stories that show off his purchases, which recently contained boxes with the Gucci and Louis Vuitton logos.

Pechey woont nu in Perth als hij te maken krijgt met juridische ellende. Afbeelding: geleverd

Pechey now lives in Perth when dealing with legal misery. Image: Source supplied: News Corp Australia

Last week the former cyclist who lived in Perth was busy again when he uploaded an image with a voucher for the purchase of a Range Rover Sport at a price of $ 160,000.

“New car feels,” he wrote next to the photo with emojis with middle finger and eyebrows.

“You have to pamper yourself from time to time,” he wrote alongside photos of boxes that had previously been marked with elite fashion brands.

However, one of his Instagram posts – which he has now deleted – has led to massive branding on social media after someone had discovered where the photo really came from.

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Tag a partner who just wants to impress his friends

A message shared by Flop Hunting (@flop_hunting) on November 1, 2018 at 3:20 PM PDT

A reverse image of Mr Pechey’s photo of five Louis Vuitton bags – presumably piled in his house – shows that it was actually taken from Google Images.

When searched the image the other way around, it came to a Pinterest page from a discount fashion customer named Pursemode seller.

When the Google Image image began to circulate, it was picked up by the comic page Flop Hunting, and it caused a wave of comments.

“How embarrassing!” Wrote a commentator.

“What a flop,” another wrote.

Mr. Pechey broke up with his heavily tattooed fiancé, Rikki-Louise Jones, after only a few months of engagement.

In April she posted a picture of herself at the gym with the words: “If you know you need to find a wedding dress … the waist can get smaller and the booty bigger.”

Pechey en Rikki-Louise Jones zijn eerder dit jaar uit elkaar gegaan. Afbeelding: Instagram

Pechey and Rikki-Louise Jones broke up earlier this year. Image: Instagram Source: delivered

It soon came after an apparent quarrel between Mrs. Jones and her Instagram star sister Allaina Diana Jones, who goes by the Instagram name of Allaina Vader.

Mrs. Vader dates from former Hells Angels bikie Ben ‘Notorious’ Geppert.

The news of Pechey’s proposal, greeted with congratulations from several of Mrs. Jones’s 33,7000 followers, came during Pechey’s legal unrest.

Pechey is confronted with charges, including abuse of the police, intentional damage and nuisance.

In April Pechey is said to have been involved in a three-hour postponement involving 26 police. Allegedly he barricaded himself in Mrs. Gold Coast’s house, armed with swords and threatened to drop officers “if they didn’t shoot him.”

Bikieprinsessen Rikki Louise en Allaina Vader lijken met elkaar uitgevallen te zijn.

Bikie princesses Rikki Louise and Allaina Vader seem to have fallen out together. Source: Delivered

He was released on bail by the Southport Magistrates Court after being charged with police abuse, intentional damage and nuisance and will reappear at a later date.

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